Never lose your records
recordxpert helps you store your innumerable medical records lifelong without the fear of losing or misplacing them which is the case when you store them physically.
SMS reminder
We can help you remember your appointments through a simple SMS reminder; it could be your doctor appointment, medicine reminders, next lab test schedule etc.
Second opinion from the expert Doctors
recordxpert helps in getting second opinion from doctors on panel or from anywhere in the world; by sending the reports through email you can easily get second opinion from an expert
Door step pick-up
Incase of non-feasibility to upload the records yourself, you can submit your medical records to our partner chemist in your locality and we will update these for you; you can get these back within 1 - 2 weeks of submission
Personalized dietitians and nutritionists
Our panel of dietitians and nutritionists will help you choose just the right diet for you; they would be promoting healthy eating habits and recommend dietary modifications as per your body types or any medical intervention you are undergoing
Health Insurance
Through recordxpert we can cater to your medical insurance needs and also have provisions to settle your medical claims