Top 10 signs of Pregnancy
If you know your body, you may begin to suspect you're pregnant soon after conception. But most women won't experience any early pregnancy symptoms until the fertilised egg attaches itself to the uterine wall, several days after conception and when they miss a period. Below is a list of some of the first signs pregnancy which you may experience:
1. Food cravings
Though not a sure symptom of pregnancy, yet if food cravings are accompanied by some of the other symptoms enlisted then you can consider it as a symptom.
2. Darkening of your areolas
If the skin around your nipples gets darker, you could have conceived successfully, although it could be a hormonal imbalance unrelated to pregnancy or after-effect from previous pregnancy.
3. Implantation bleeding or cramping
Eight days after ovulation, an implantation spotting which is a slight staining of a pink or brown colour, along with cramping, which happens by the egg burrowing into the endometrial lining. Also some spotting around the time you expect your period can be seen.
4. Frequent urination
Once the embryo implants it produces the hormone Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG), which results in frequent urination.
5. Fatigue
Exhaustion is another feature of pregnancy which occurs because of high levels of the hormone Progesterone around this time though not a complete symptom in itself.
6. Tender, swollen breasts
During pregnancy the breasts become tender and swollen similar to the way they feel before the periods because of the flow of hormones; the pain settles eventually.
7. Altered sense of taste
The sense of taste changes as well during pregnancy along with increasing dislike for some of their favourite food.
8. Morning sickness
Morning sickness, one the important symptoms of pregnancy (though a few escape it) occurs after a few weeks after conceiving. You could feel nauseated after a few days of conceiving. Not just in the morning, pregnancy-related nausea can be a problem morning, noon, or night.
9. A missed period
A missed period (especially if you are regular with your periods) is the surest sign of pregnancy in a woman.
10. A positive home pregnancy test
After a missed period you can go for the pregnancy test and if positive, you are pregnant.
Finally consult with your doctor to confirm your pregnancy!