Importance of Nutrition in Diet
Nutrition is the foods that we eat to nourish our bodies to function properly and provide energy for the body to do work. Good nutrition is important to keep the body healthy without causing deficiency of any nutrition which would result in ailments and diseases in the future.
Nutrition is commonly categorized as carbohydrates, protein, fats, vitamins and minerals. Each of these macro and micro nutrition has definite functions in the body to keep the basic functions in order. Let’s understand the importance of nutrition in our bodies.
Carbs are the first of the nutrients digested by our bodies to provide energy. Carbohydrates are broken down by our bodies into glucose, fructose and glactose units. Glucose is the easiest form of energy for the body. If one doesn’t get enough carbs then the body burns calories from proteins and fats. If the body gets more carbohydrates than its requirement then the body stores the rest as fat.
Proteins are the muscle builders for our bodies. Our bodies have muscles on the skeletal, smooth muscles all over the body and cardiac muscles in the heart. Protein nutrition is broken down in all amino acids which are required by our bodies for the wear and tear of muscles and muscle growth. Protein is required for immune system, hormones, nervous system, and organs.
Our brains are made up of fats and require fatty acids to function properly. Fats also add cushion for the organs providing support. There are good fats and bad fats which monitor the cholesterol of the body. Fats are also important to absorb fat soluble vitamins and for hormone signaling.
Vitamins and Minerals:
These micronutrients are important and are very significant for a healthy diet. Vitamins and minerals function as co-enzymes and increase or slow down a chemical reaction in the body. Zinc is involved for metabolic processes, iron for better transportation of nutrients and thus each vitamin and mineral is important some function or the other. Some of these vitamins are anti-oxidants which have a fighting ability. The antioxidants prevent from free radicals which cause diseases and health related problems in the body.
Diet and Weight Loss
Quit Junk:
Before you start with a healthier diet it is important to eliminate unhealthy food options first. The bread pakoras and the excess oily cholle bhature and high salt food trigger weight gain. Chips, samosa's and other junk food items are all unhealthy and ad no nutrition to your diet than just calories.
Indians love sweets and find ways to eat them whenever possible. Sweets also help overcome stress with instant energy and are often consumed in sweetened soda, cold drinks, iced teas, smoothies and chocolates throughout the day. The number of calories provides by them id far too much and is saved by the body as fat which adds to gaining weight. Cutting down on sweets would make a big difference.
Healthy breakfast:
Do you skip breakfast because you got up late, reach office on time or any other reason for instance? Skipping your breakfast will not make you make up the nutrition for the day and you would end up munching food throughout the day storing extra calories as fat.
Fruits contain almost no fats and provide vitamins and minerals along with energy to keep you fired up. Eating fruits daily is beneficial for weight loss and keeps your body healthy.
Rev up your metabolism to burn calories even at rest. Metabolism is the rate at which the body burns calories whether at work or rest. Drink cold water, exercises and eat healthy food minus junk for a higher body metabolism.
Food for Muscle Growth for Men
You can increase your muscle growth by exercising and eating protein rich food for its wear and tear and growth. Protein food is rich in amino acids required for muscle growth and is available in certain types of food. For top five muscle-building exercises the list below gives you the details. For an average person one gram of protein is sufficient per kg of body weight for a day.
Non Vegetarian Food
Eggs contain the highest quality protein and are present in the yolk and the egg whites. Eating two eggs a day provides 12 gms of protein with 90 calories in it. It also nourishes the body with vitamins B6, B12, D, and E, and iron, phosphorus, and zinc. Muscle building food also keeps you fuller for a longer time giving less of hunger pangs.
These contain lots of protein and omega-3 fatty acids to build muscles and repair issues for growth. Omega 3 fatty acids helps muscle recovery fast by boosting insulin which accelerates the nutrition transportation in the body helping the muscle recover faster. Omega 3 fatty acids present in fishes reduce inflammation in muscles helping it grow faster.
Animal protein contains the highest amount of protein for muscle building. Eating chicken or other meat with the layer of fat help you pack on the muscles faster for growth. It provides the body with energy for workouts and important vitamins and minerals for nutrition for the body for healthy living.
Vegetarian Food:
Beans are good source of protein for muscle growth along with soluble and insoluble fibre. These are rich source of vitamins and minerals in the body; help lower cholesterol and keep the heart healthy.
Having a portion of yoghurt for breakfast or any other meal will provide protein for muscle building and energy through carbohydrates present in it. It is beneficial for recovery after exercises and provides energy and protein for muscle to recover. To keep fat levels low keep a check on portion control or eat low fat yoghurt.
Cottage Cheese:
Eating hundred gram of cottage cheese provides approx 12 gms of protein. It provides the body with some fat which is healthy fat and eating the right portions will help build muscles and store less of fat in the body. The vitamins and minerals provide high quality nutrition to the body for recovery and growth.
Eat food rich in protein for muscle building. Exercising is equally important for the body as without working out the muscles, the high quality protein rich food will also get stored as fat in the body. Managing the size of the portion will keep you away from accumulating fat by eating in limits.
Food for the Kids
Children can adapt to new patterns easily and nourishing your child from the beginning with healthy meal options can help them develop a healthy eating pattern for adulthood and avoid problems.
Colorful Foods:
Kids like doing things according to their mood and a colorful nutritious meal can make them get healthy and enjoy the foods as well. Options like cooked carrots and bellpepper for hot and sweet taste which the kids will love and will suit their taste buds as well.
Grilled sandwiches with some veggies and cheese will provide carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Fat from cheese along with protein is good for muscles and enough energy. Choose whole grain bread or multi grain bread for fibre. Chicken, eggs, cottage cheese could also compliment for a wider variety.
Kids don't like the same thing again and desire options which attracts them. Wraps like kathi rolls or chicken wraps could make them lick their fingers and get the nutrition for the meal as well. Stir fried veggies and some meat would provide a range of nutrition full of vitamins, minerals and amino acids for their growth.
Indian dishes:
Surely kids won't miss out on their favorite Indian dishes like rajma, chana, choley etc. Include rice, beans and pulses along with some stir fried veggies to balance the meal with complete nutrition. You can include rotis for fiber and keeping them feel fuller for a longer time.
Inculcate the habit of eating fruits to your child. Fruits are rich in vitamins and nutrition and have no fat in them. Fruits before the meal or after the meal could both be a healthy option.
Advise your child to drink lots of water throughout the day. Give him lemonade to beat the heat along with buttermilk or some fresh fruit juices to keep his mouth wet and happy.

Teach your kids about eating healthy and the benefits of eating high quality rich nutritious food. The junk food like fried food, high oil food, chips, burgers, pizza, pattys or sweets would make them too lazy and sleepy all the time decreasing their efficiency.

The food that we eat also show when we work. If we eat too much of oily, stuffed and fried food, we are lazy and sleepy after the meals. Eating fruits and natural nutritious food will keep the kids active and give them the stamina and support to concentrate better in their task and not feeling sleepy and struggling with their work. Rich diet will also enhance better growth of the mind for increased concentration.

Tips for building strong bones for the kids
Kids grow in height and go broad as they grow which depends on the bone to grow as well. Calcium is important for the bones to grow and sustain the toughness to keep the kids strong and protect them from pain, falls and provide strength. Dairy products are rich in calcium and provide the body with sufficient nutrition to keep the bones strong and growing.
Green vegetables:
Green vegetables have calcium which provides the calcium to the bones, although green vegetable don't have as much calcium absorbing properties as dairy products.
Vitamin D:
Vitamin D accelerates the absorption of calcium in the body utilizing maximum available calcium without wasting it thus helping the bones get stronger and denser. Sunlight is the best source of vitamin D to accelerate calcium absorption.
For strong bones, Vitamin K, magnesium and vitamin D are also important. Include two portions of calcium rich food in your diet daily and keep strong bones. Too much of soda and cola decreases the bone health.
Five Foods that Improves Sex Life
Sex is extremely beneficial to health as it influences the mental and emotional health balance of every individual. Besides this sex boots immunity, relieves stress and even burns calories! Some people enjoy an active sex life while some people need stimulation to spice up their life. These special food are also popularly known as aphrodisiacs. Aphrodisiacs are substances that heighten sexual pleasure. Here is the list of some natural aphrodisiacs that can help bring back the spark in your life.
Chocolate contains Phenylethylamine, a nutrient that is a natural mood enhancer. It’s the cocoa in the chocolate that is responsible for this. Therefore darker chocolates which contain higher cocoa percentage are best for sprucing up your sex life.
If you've considered Avocados as a good source for vitamin E then you ought to look beyond. The fruit produces the sex hormones for both male and female. They are beneficial for women with dryness and even works as lubricator.
Bromelain enzyme in bananas increase the drive for sex and is believed to increase libido, while the high levels of potassium and vitamin B increases the stamina to have better sex.
Oyster is a good aphrodisiac which increases the testosterone level in the body and the high level of zinc increases sperm production. Oysters also increase the dopamine, also known as the further enhancing the sexual pleasure and craving.
Strawberries or raspberries are handy in improving your sex life. The high level of zinc present in it regulates healthy testosterone levels. The high amounts of antioxidants promote better blood flow to the organs and provide high energy levels. Incorporate these healthy nutritious foods in your diet and enjoy the benefits of an improved sex life.